The world innovation of company EVAMATIC

Frames with 3D-digital printing and laminated with synthetic resin directly of the producer.
EVAMATIC develops the successful frames further.From now on the most modern 3D-digital printing laminated with synthetic resin follows the old-fashioned screen printing – that brings along a lot of advantages

Frames with digital printing and laminated with synthetic resin are:

  • more exclusive …
  • more versatile …
  • more durable …
  • more conspicuous than frames with conventional screen printing!

Being world-wide unique production method causes this frame to stand out distinctly from the mass of conventional ones. In this way this frame becomes an exclusive designer piece and is therefore a decorative part of your vehicle.

Your advantages in summary:

  • more versatile possibilities of arrangements
  • every kind of company-logos
  • conspicuous effects possible: 3D, silver high polish, gold, reflecting,…
  • complete scope of arrangements for advertising on the rail
  • due to reflective printing easily visible at night
  • lasting effect of your advertising message – and of your investment
  • no additional charge for multicoloured printing

Further advantages: with digital printing production of small and large series are possible without any problems. Logo-changes are converted much more favourable than it has ever been possible in screen printing. Are you interested in? The experts of the EVAMATIC production stand by your side at any time.

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