Clients information box Din A6 vertical

    • For brochures and information of prices DIN A6 vertical
    • 3 mm acryl glass
    • High capacity, brochures are removed from above
    • Practical frame joint made from plastic on lid, no violent opening during storm possible
    • Vent holes to prevent condensation at the bottom of information box
    • Perfectly usable indoors or outdoors
    • Unbreakable rear made of PET-material
    • Self-closing lid with labelling „ Please help yourself“
    • On the rear side with revolving attachment hook made of PET-material, burling and fixed  suction device
    • Also suitable for setting up on the wall

      item number: 813 003
      ab      5 Stk.  € 16,90/ Stk.
      ab    50 Stk.  € 15,90/ Stk.
      ab  100 Stk.  € 13,90/ Stk.