Why is your licence plate bracket only visible by day?

With a reflective label  your firm advertising becomes brightly visible by night.

Evamatic HandelsgesmbH

By the idea better

For more than 30 years a revolutionary idea was born: to print frames with logos and script and to use them as an advertising carrier. This idea has clearly prevailed. Today almost 100 % of the used frames are printed with company-logos or the addresses of car shops.

your advantage:

  • at first hand frames
  • directly from the producer
  • short delivery times
  • worldwide on the road

The Austrian family company sells frames all over the world. The frames of EVAMATIC are in the streets in Europe and many other countries.

Innovative Now the successful idea was developed further and EVAMATIC presents you a world innovation. From now on frames are digitally printed and laminated with synthetic resin. This new product-line is requested especially by the German market. The producers appreciate the exclusive frames of EVAMATIC and utilize them already as additional design-feature.